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What's Going On With Xi?; Big Explosion Covered Up by Chinese State Media

In a recent conference, Xi used a famous slogan from Hong Kong’s anti-extradition movement as well as stated “The people of the country are all cheering for ‘hot dry noodles!’”

A big explosion broke out at a hotel in South China’s Zhuhai. It is believed that a gas leak caused the explosion. Officials said the local fire department is still investigating the cause of the fire. CCTV news posted on Weibo that local firefighters dispatched multiple teams, more than a dozen fire trucks, and many firefighters came to the rescue. However, CCTV claimed that only 3 people were injured in the explosion.

Locals and witnesses said there were more than 200 injured and were sent to the hospital. However official Guangdong newspaper Nanfang Daily said on Weibo that the Propaganda Department of the Doumen District Party Committee denied this claim and said that the Internet police are investigating the source of the rumor. Chinese authorities have always strictly controlled the spread of reports on major fatal incidents and related news on the Internet.

And it was 19 years ago today that terrorists launched the attacks on 9/11, and while this is a day of mourning for the United States, it has typically been a day of celebration for the Chinese leadership. This year, however, it has changed its tone, and its mouthpiece news outlets don’t appear to be using it this time in their anti-American propaganda. We'll look into why this is.

This story and more in this episode of Crossroads.

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00:38 Chinese Authorities Covering Up True Scale Of Hotel Explosion
2:25 China’s Muted Response To 9/11
5:55 Is Xi Being Messed With By His Own Propaganda Department?
10:13 Exiled Billionaire Releases “Take Down The CCP” Song
10:37 CCP Forbids News Coverage Of Disney’s Mulan Film
12:06 Pompeo Calls Out China For Op-ed “Hypocrisy”
14:17 China’s Real Estate Decline Linked To Factional Battles?
21:22 US Sanctions On Chinese Companies Hit Deep

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