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US Sanctions Cause Chip Desperation in China;China Pushes for “Fighting Mentality” Within Population

The Chinese regime is now so desperate for semiconductor chips that they've resorted to chartering flights specifically to ship these chips from Taiwan to China, before US sanctions kick in.

Also, the Chinese leadership is pushing to create a “fighting mentality” among the Chinese people, with statements from state-run media and from Xi Jinping. Xinhua published an article that recounted a speech from Xi given at the Central Party School titled “Strengthen Fighting Mentality, Reinforce Fighting Capabilities.”

In its recounting of Xi’s speech, Xinhua called on the Chinese people to deeply understand what it calls “the great fight.” It wrote “The first impression when reading this article is, the word ‘fighting’ permeates through the entire piece, from top to bottom. The whole article is no more than 2000 words, but the word ‘fight’ appeared 56 times.” We'll be explaining this story and its context in-depth.

And China declared that a September 12 launch of its Kuaizhou-1A rocket was a failure. The rocket was carrying a new high-resolution remote sensing satellite that the regime was planning to add into its JiLin-1 satellite system. It reported two hours after the launch that the satellite failed to enter its orbit, and cited abnormal performance. We'll go into why this matters.

These stories and more in this episode of Crossroads.

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