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Their Secret Plan To Take Over Our Lives | Here Now

Their Secret Plan To Take Over Our Lives | Here Now

Survive And Prosper Through The Economic Downturn and Economic Power Grab


Going to dive deep to show you how to navigate this tricky market to make massive gains and profits on the upside and protect yourself when the inevitable crash comes!

There's a plan being put together right now by the global elite to bring the world in every area of your life including your business, your education is about to change and

The world we are going into is not the one that we're leaving behind.

Now I'm going to explain what's happening, what to expect, and most importantly, what you need to be doing to protect ourselves. I am talking about the well really not so secret but still relatively unknown agenda to take over the world.

But when I explain what's happening, you're gonna understand. Now, you might have recently heard people talking about quotes like:
" it's time to reevaluate the global economic order", and maybe you've also heard "never let a crisis go to waste".

Well those quotes are coming together and there is a plan and it is happening really really fast. Now I've been watching this happen for decades. But it's coming together at a speed that I never imagined and imagined and it's also catching you off guard as well.

So what does it all mean well in order to understand what it all means, then, and more importantly, not just what's happening but where is it going, then in order to understand that we really have to go back to the beginning. So in order to do that, we're going to jump back in time, all the way back to 1944.

Now if you've been watching this channel for a long time, you might know what that date means 1944 I've referenced it many times, and that is the time of the Bretton Woods agreement. Yes, the book The creature from Jekyll Island.

And so that's where basically the world got together and formed this Bretton Woods agreement, and basically that is when the world went on to this gold standard so the United States said we will hold all the world's gold for them.

And then we will back the US dollar to gold, and then all the countries of the world will now peg their currencies to the dollar. And so, everything will be pegged to the dollar everything's backed by, and then everything's backed by gold. But what's mostly.

What's more important about this is not the fact of going into the gold standard is not really what we're talking about today. What's more important about this is it really was the first time that the whole world got together and agreed on something. Alright, and that is the big piece that we're going to focus on today, so not about gold today it's not about the dollar it's not about Fiat well.


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