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The Secret Manipulation of Gold | It's Worse Than You Think

The Secret Manipulation of Gold It's Worse Than You Think

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According to enforcement action from the CFTC JPM traders acted with the intent to manipulate market prices and ultimately did cause artificial prices and they haven't settled the case with a fine of almost $1 billion dollars so now we all know that everything is manipulated what most don't know is that the US Govt is really the entity doing the most manipulation and it even has policies and funds set up to do just that. and while this is a secret from most people these days it's fully sanctioned and legal as per US Law

Why is it being manipulated?
Well of course to trick people into sticking with the fake fiat currency that the fed is printing it started all the way back in 1933 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102 which basically made it illegal for US Citizens to own gold The stated reason for the order was that hard times had caused "hoarding" of gold, and this was causing economic growth to stall out and making the great depression worse, Of course, this wasn't the "real" reason The main rationale behind the order was actually to remove the constraint on the Federal Reserve that was preventing them from being able to increase the money supply Per the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. the Fed was required to hold a minimum of 40% gold to back the currency they were creating and issuing.

But… by the late 1920s, the Federal Reserve had about maxed out and hit the limit of allowable credit, in the form of Federal Reserve demand notes, which could be backed by the amount of gold it was holding in its possession US Citizens were forced to turn in their gold in exchange for $20.67 per oz and then after the govt seized all the gold, they revalued it to $35 per oz

What this means today ??
Exchange Stabilization Fund is to "Stabilize" the exchanges of the Dollar to other currencies, including both gold and other global currencies The ESF has participated in over a hundred credit or loan arrangements with foreign governments or central banks. After World War II, the ESF conducted Treasury's monetary gold transactions and widened its participation in credit arrangements. So this means, the fund was set up to "intervene" or put another way set up to manipulate the prices of other foreign government and central banks.

The dilemma for the Fed and US government is – how do they keep people, the victims of a depreciating dollar in their trap? β€œA rising gold price warns the victims they must flee the trap, which means getting out of dollars and into gold or another asset like Bitcoin.
so while the US, the Fed and the ESF are trying to manipulate the markets
to keep the dollar attractive and alternative choices like gold look weak they might also, at the same time be planning another 1933 style takeover and repricing event. Just like in 1933, they took in Gold at 20 and then revalued at 35. They could be suppressing the price of gold to accumulate at the lower levels, before announcing a repricing of gold, make it worth double, triple or even more

This is something Jim Rickards has been talking about and even predicting that gold could be worth $15k by the year 2025

If you want to protect yourself BEFORE it happens and you lose 40% of your purchasing power overnight like what happened to all the Americans in 1933 then you have to act now. follow the lead of China, Russia, and other central banks if they are doing that, it's a pretty good sign we should too.


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