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The Most Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange: Earn It

What is the most decentralized cryptocurrency exchange? What is the most anonymous way to obtain some crypto? In this edition of Down the Rabbit Hole Andreas asks himself this question and discusses the most free, open, available decentralized crypto exchange available today "Earn It".

0:00 Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges
0:34 The most decentralized exchange
0:58 The labor market
1:18 "Earn It" exchange

Many people today want to get cryptocurrency but they don't want to buy it from an exchange. Decentralized exchanges have been popping up all over the DeFi and crypto world but we often overlook the exchange we already know! The one where we exchange our own labor for crypto. Before there were formal exchanges, there were exchanges of labor for crypto. Like our friend who sold baklava for bitcoin in the very early days, you too can sell baklava or whatever else you like, for cryptocurrency. When you think of decentralized exchanges, don't forget about earning it!

This question is from the bonus livestream on Decentralized Exchanges, which took place on August 15th 2020:

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