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    The Moral Narcissism of the Radical Left—Roger Simon on Riots & Beyond | American Thought Leaders

    00:00 Intro
    1:55 What is moral narcissism?
    9:36 The three pillars supporting moral narcissism
    13:09 The Frankfurt School
    19:04 Hollywood hypocrisy
    32:31 "Mostly peaceful protests"
    37:16 Power and the deep state

    America seems to be descending into chaos. Many feel this nation is coming apart at its seams.

    Back in 2016, Roger Simon explained what’s going on in our culture today in his book “I Know Best: How Moral Narcissism Is Destroying Our Republic, If It Hasn’t Already.”

    For many people, virtue is now defined by what you say, not what you do or how your actions might harm others. Your opinion is what defines you—and you aren’t held accountable for the consequences of your actions. As long as your intentions are good, it’s all justified. It’s moral narcissism, Simon argues. And it’s fundamentally harming America.

    This is American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸, and I’m Jan Jekielek.

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