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The Dangerous War THEY ARE HIDING From You | Lines Are drawn

The Dangerous War THEY ARE HIDING From You | Lines Are drawn
Survive And Prosper Through The Economic Downturn and Economic Power Grab


Going to dive deep to show you how to navigate this tricky market to make massive gains and profits on the upside and protect yourself when the inevitable crash comes!

"Inflation" isn't just debate, it's class war. And it's not just between two classes, but rather by several classes broken down by income, assets, age, demographics, and more… and for those not paying attention, and not understanding the battle lines being drawn they will be surprised by the acceleration of the unraveling. and will find themselves, without won't have many choices or options as it all comes crashing down

Most people who think they understand economics but have been trained by the modern university were taught a version of Keynesian economics which teaches we need to spend to grow and inflation is not only good but required to allow the economy to expand Others who have learned economics through the more Austrian lens like me, who are sound money believers will tell you that inflation is theft that steals the value from your wages, wealth and savings but today, I am not here to debate inflation vs deflation but rather to show you another way to look at it and to examine some of the different sides because, it has some serious implications, so big that it's creating its own class war…

"Inflation" affects different people in different economic classes very differently. I put inflation" in italics because it's not one phenomenon, it's numerous phenomena crammed into one deceptively simple word. When "inflation" boosts the value of assets, such as houses, stocks, bonds, diamonds, etc. to the moon, everyone who owns these assets are happy. they see their net worth going up in dollars and feel more wealthy and happy

But… for the other economic class, the people who DON"T own any assets they don't own a home or stocks, or other assets all they get from inflation is a reduction of the purchasing power of their wages, for this group, whose only income is earned from their labor they suffer, as their paychecks buy fewer goods and services.

And it's this difference that is really creating the 2 classes The people that own assets see their wealth soaring and those who own no assets and are only working for their pay see their labor purchasing less and less

"Inflation" isn't an abstract debate —  it's class war. And it's not just between two classes, those who depend on wages/earned income and those reaping the trillions in unearned income and wealth. There are warring classes fractured by age,  demographics, political loyalties and issues of who's hoarding what: every one of these fractured classes is competing for scarce resources, scarce income, and scarce security.

Those who don't see the fragmentation, the scarcities, and the battle lines being drawn will be surprised by the acceleration of the unraveling. and for those not watching this unfold and preparing right now won't have many choices or options as it all comes crashing down


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