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The Craziest And Most Dangerous Conspiracy Theory In America | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 572

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, we’ll talk about the most dangerous conspiracy theory in America today. And it’s not the one the media is freaking out about. It’s the conspiracy theory that is currently fueling rioting and anarchy in the streets. Also Five Headlines including BLM and Antifa protesters in LA use cars to chase down an innocent motorist and attack him. And the cops arrest the victim. Then a very special Daily Cancellation segment, dedicated to a very special person.

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00:00 – Opening
03:30 – The Craziest And Most Dangerous Conspiracy Theory In America
13:17 – Driver attacked by insurrectionists in LA
18:14 – Charles Barley under fire for his comments on the Breonna Taylor shooting
19:49 – Activist almost rides a horse to death to "make a statement"
22:19 – Virginia Public School District Spent $20,000 To Host Anti-Racism Author Ibram Kendi For An Hour
24:58 – Massachusetts man dies after eating too much black licorice
27:47 – The Anti-Cancellation of Matt Walsh

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