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Slightly Hawkish? | GoodFellows: Conversations From The Hoover Institution

Recorded October 6, 2020 1 PM PT

With polls suggesting a Biden victory in November, Hoover senior fellows Niall Ferguson, H. R. McMaster, and John Cochrane assess the impact of a change in power on US foreign policy. Their conclusion: not necessarily the same course as the previous Democratic administration—a new president perhaps more willing to use force.


GoodFellows, a weekly Hoover Institution broadcast, features senior fellows John Cochrane, Niall Ferguson, and H.R. McMaster discussing the social, economic, and geostrategic ramifications of this changed world. They can’t banter over lunch these days, but they continue their spirited conversation online about what comes next, as we look forward to an end to the crisis.

For more in this series visit, https://www.hoover.org/goodfellows.

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