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Scientists Forced To Take Woke Pledges To Get Funding (Pt. 1) | Gad Saad | ACADEMIA | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Gad Saad (evolutionary psychologist, author, The Parasitic Mind) about how diversity and equity pledges are beginning to compromise scientific inquiry, how he’s been treated on campus since becoming an outspoken heterodox thinker, and what you can do to fight back against the woke indoctrination of your child in public schools by woke school curriculums. Gad talks about the dangers of idea pathogens. This is the label he applies to the dangerous ideas of identity politics, intersectionality and social justice that have infected people’s brains like a parasite. Gad shares how deeply these religious-like ideas of diversity and equity have penetrated the university system. Gad reveals how even STEM fields are being compromised. Even science researchers are now expected to sign diversity pledges to explain how their research will promote diversity and inclusion in order to obtain grant research funding. These kinds of ideas run counter to the philosophy of science and the scientific method. How can we trust scientific inquiry that prioritizes the race of it’s scientists over critical thinking and the pursuit of truth?

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Gad Saad
Evolutionary Behavioral Scientist & Author, The Parasitic Mind
Gad on Twitter: http://twitter.com/GadSaad


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