Andreas M. Antonopoulos

RIPCORD Blockchains: distinguishing blockchain value from blockchain bullshit

RIPCORD is a way for you to remember the most important characteristics of the most important blockchains. Use the RIPCORD acronym and principles to more easily identify the blockchain projects that might represent real change and those that are just more of the status quo.

00:04 – Revolutionary
00:18 – Immutable
00:29 – Public
00:44 – Collaborative
01:01 – Open
01:14 – Resistant to Censorship
01:34 – Decentralized

With so many new blockchain and token projects out there, it can be hard to tell the difference between what's really revolutionary and what's really just the same thing we have now, wrapped in a blockchain cloak. For years I've been talking about the characteristics of blockchains that actually matter. Recently, my team and I came up with the acronym RIPCORD to help me and you remember those characteristics more easily. Try applying the principles to bitcoin. Then your next favorite crypto project. If it's not RIPCORD, it's not REVOLUTIONARY.

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