John Stossel

"Mostly Fair" Media

Most in the media say they just report the facts. But is that true?

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Joe Concha says no. He writes about media for The Hill.

He points out that even as fires raged behind reporters during recent protests, the media still call the protests “mostly peaceful.”

“We've seen billions and billions of dollars in damage,” says Concha, “Yet you have news organizations saying, ‘this isn’t that bad.’”

Some others examples: CNN twists statistics to make Trump look even worse. Reporters ask presidential candidates very different kinds of questions

It is clear many reporters don’t like Trump or Republicans. Last election, 96% of journalists’ political donations went to Hilary Clinton. Why?

“Most of our national media are in two cities, New York and Washington,” says Concha, “When you’re surrounded by everybody else in a city and newsroom that goes the other way, it’s almost impossible not to start to conform.”

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