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I was very worried about Covid-19 six months ago. Afraid even. Today? Barely worried at all. This video will take you through the science behind that shift in viewpoint.

Very strong data from Ivermectin and hydroxycholorquine, combined with the powerful protective effect of having sufficient levels of Vitamin D combine to provide what appears to be a very effective approach for managing Covid-19 the disease.

Meanwhile, the US NIH Covid Treatment Panel is woefully behind the times and still recommending Remdesivir over all other possible (and cheaper, more effective) treatments.

That's what the science says.

Worse, the NIH treatment panel is relying on the very worst studies to support their stance against some treatments and then sifting carefully through objectively poor data to find some minor nuggets to support their preferred (and more expensive) treatments.

I literally cannot make any sense of the risk-reward matrix that is in play – it's complete nonsense.

Add it all up and it's a bad look. Very much out of integrity for those who would inadvertently or consciously choose a worse treatment, yet are tasked with surfacing and promoting the best, most effective treatments with the best outcomes at the lowest overall costs.

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