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    How Communist China Weaponized the Waters of Asia—Maura Moynihan on the Three Gorges Dam, Flooding

    00:00 How communist China weaponized the waters of Asia
    2:02 Floods in China & the Three Gorges Dam crisis
    9:37 Inside Tibet
    15:13 What would happen if the Three Gorges Dam breaks?
    17:37 How the Chinese regime took control of the water of Asia
    23:46 Militarization of the Tibetan plateau
    30:47 How many dams has the Chinese regime built?
    37:45 Why has this not really been reported?
    43:05 The tragedy of Tibet
    45:27 Trump admin sanctions
    48:07 Is Tibet a lost cause?

    Months of heavy rain have battered China with record floods. And there are growing fears that the Three Gorges Dam may break. It’s the world’s largest hydroelectric project, and it’s been marred by controversy for decades.

    A breach of the Three Gorges Dam would wipe out the homes of millions of Chinese. And it would likely destroy many of China’s pharmaceutical factories—which produce the majority of the drug precursors that Americans rely on.

    But the problem with Asia’s waters goes far beyond the Three Gorges Dam. To really understand what’s going on, we follow the water to its source.

    All the nine great rivers of Asia descend from the Tibetan plateau. After the Chinese Communist Party occupied Tibet, it has essentially monopolized these waters, according to longtime China and Tibet watcher Maura Moynihan. As she argues, whoever controls the water, controls the future.

    This is American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸, and I’m Jan Jekielek.

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