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Getting Cryptocurrency Q&A: How Can You Entice People to Pay You in Crypto?

You want to be paid in a cryptocurrency; but your clients might not be ready to do that yet. How can you entice clients to pay for your products/services with bitcoin, ether, monero or any other cryptocurrency? In this video, Andreas introduces the fiat surcharge which is a method he has actually used to get reluctant clients to pay him in bitcoin.

0:00 Do you have a suggestion for easily "on-ramping" clients who are hesitant or resistant to doing the work required to pay for your services in crypto?
0:15 How not to try to get people to pay you in bitcoin.
0:40 The fiat surcharge or banking inconvenience method of encouraging people to pay you in a cryptocurrency.

Using new technology can be difficult and confusing, and "on-ramping" clients into these ecosystems can be a challenge. In order to get people to want to pay in a cryptocurrency, you need to give them an incentive. Giving them a financial incentive to pay in BTC, ETH, XMR, or any other cryptocurrency can be a great way to encourage someone who is reluctant to learn about these systems to jump in.

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