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Fruit vendor attacked by city management officials; Twitter suspends Chinese whistleblower account

A fruit vendor was attacked by a police-like official and defended herself with a knife. Thanks to the leaking of a surveillance video clip, and the pressure of public opinion, she avoided being sent to a detention center.

A Chinese city with over 200,000 people is under lockdown because of a CCP virus outbreak. But part of the city was already ordered to be put on lockdown one day before the new confirmed cases were announced. So how did they know?

The Chinese Communist Party now wants a bigger role in the country’s private sector. Our in-house expert says it’s a sign of potential money extortion.

And more names are coming out as news about a Chinese company’s massive database of global citizens continues to attract attention. Those being monitored include the 11-year-old daughter of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau.

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