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Fauci Places Politics Over Science (and your health)

If you care about your health, and the role of science in shaping policy, this video is for you.
First, let me re-re-state that I am *not* political. At all. This video is in support of science and is neither in support of or against any politician, bureaucrat, or political party.

That said, Anthony Fauci’s recent Senate testimony was a hot mess of anti-scientific statements and (willful? Ignorant?) overlooking of known science.

While showing how he was deficient in his statements I present the science that supports views directly opposite to his testimony.

Herd immunity is discussed. T-cell cross-reactivity, and how the NIAID/NIH/CDC/FDA are *still* not recommending that everyone take Vitamin D. It’s truly a shameful moment for medicine and science. It’s the triumph of ego, politics and money over compassion and doing the right thing.

In this video you will learn that:
• Herd immunity seems to have been achieved, mainly in lower economic countries (a.k.a. “third world”)
• That t-cell cross-reactivity with the common cold coronaviruses is indeed a very real thing (according to the NIH’s own scientists)
• That adequate Vitamin D levels are associated with a halving of the rate of Covid-19 mortality
• That Fauci confuses correlation with causation – a big no-no in the world of science.

It really shouldn’t be this confused at this point. But it is, and not because the science is muddled.

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