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Ethereum Q&A: When Will DeFi Reach the Unbanked?

Ethereum DeFi (Decentralized Finance) projects have been touted as a savior from mainstream banking and a conduit to financial services for those without access. But when? When will DeFi reach the unbanked, the underbanked, the masses excluded from traditional finance?

00:00 When will DeFi be adopted by the unbanked?
00:32 DeFi removes barriers to entry in financial services.
01:54 Crypto removes barriers to financial services
02:55 The reality of DeFi today
04:03 DeFi is not yet user friendly

Will DeFi be able to fulfill the dream of providing financial services to the unbanked? DeFi was built to provide financial services without the barriers in place with CeFi, or Centralized Finance, services. But where are we now? Is DeFi able to bank the unbanked today?

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