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Do Not Buy Tesla | Buy This Instead

Do Not Buy Tesla | Buy This Instead

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Tesla is the world’s most valuable automaker by market cap and Tesla (TSLA) could very well be on it's way to becoming the world’s biggest automaker in a decade from now.

According to its market cap, Tesla is worth $411 billion.
That compares with a market cap of $185 billion for Toyota (TM),
$89 billion for Volkswagen (VLKAF), and $41 billion for Honda (HMC).
But what most folks don’t grasp yet is Tesla is also on the way to becoming the world’s No. 1 carmaker by number of annual vehicle sales. Last year, 367,500 Teslas rolled off Musk’s production lines. And as many analysts are reporting, by 2030, Tesla will have the capacity to make 20 million cars a year. That’s a 5,342% jump from today’s levels.

the driving force behind this growth looks like it will be driven by pushing the costs of the batteries down as Musk announced at Tesla’s recent “Battery Day” He projects that the changes in the batteries will finally make owning an electric vehicle (EV) as cheap as owning a gas guzzler. Now before you rush off and go by Tesla Stock to profit from this boom there might be a much better way for us as investors to play this sector I know, I know, the Tesla stock has been crushing the markets so far in 2020 as we have seen Tesla shares rise about 420% so far making it the 2nd best performing stock in the tech-heavy Nasdaq but, like I said, there is a much better way, a sort of "backdoor" way we can play the Electic Vehicle boom.

While I do like picking stocks and owning great companies to own and hold. What I really like doing is identifying trends, and find broad ways to play the trends and that's what I am talking about today.

While Tesla is the Electric Vehicle poster child and stock market darling it's the stock price is so high, its completely divorced from the fundamentals of the company add to that the coming onslaught of competition from the rest of the auto industry, Tesla might soon have its hands full dealing with the competition Pretty much every auto manufacturer is now releasing their own EV vehicles sports manufacturers like Porsche have released a car that beats Tesla across the board on performance specs luxury auto manufacturers like Audi, BMW and Mercedes have all released cars that will be better in fit, finish and quality And Ford is now scheduled to release its popular F150 truck in hybrid and EV.

So with all of these new entrants into the market, it's easy to see that Tesla's dominant market position is going to be challenged in a big way Drivers are loyal to their cars, and if your a Ford guy, or love your Mercedes then you might want to stick with those brands


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