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Combo Therapy Works! And another U-Turn on the W.H.O. bus?

The W.H.O. backs up the bus again and makes a u-turn on a very crowded information highway and now recommends against country-wide lockdowns.

This after initially saying they work. Same as for the constant u-turning around masks, and whether or not Sars2 is airborne, etc.

Beyond that, we've got great new data that Ivermectin really (really!) works. Especially and particularly in combination therapy with D3, Doxycycline, and Zinc. Go figure! /s

Also, believe it or not, but having young kids in the house work in a dose dependent manner to reduce your risk of getting Covid or ending up hospitalized with Covid. Weird, but fascinating data.
Combine all that and I remain very respectful of SARS2, but not fearful.

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