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Bonus Livestream Session – ETH2.0

More than 1500 of you voted for me to cover this topic: ETH 2.0. So here we go. We'll be talking about everything from Proof-of-Stake, to sharding, the beacon chain, epocs, phases and much more. ETH 2.0 seems to be a controversial topic, but as always, I'll be focusing on the technology and its impact on our lives. I won't be discussing investing or investment — frankly it's the least interesting part of this technology.

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About aantonop: Andreas isn't promoting a company or an organization, he's paid by the community (people who support this work on patreon and youtube) and provides an unbiased look at the technologies, what they can do for our societies, and how to get involved (if you decide you want to). Join us for this Livestream event.

From Andreas: You may already know that my mission is to educate as many people as possible about #Bitcoin and open blockchain technologies. Participating in these Livestream sessions is one way to do that. Thank you for being part of this mission.

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