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Be Smart Wear A Mask

Wearing a mask may save your life. Or it may just give you a vastly reduced or even asymptomatic experience with Covid-19 the disease.

The logic is as easy as 1, 2 3. (1) Covid-19 is a bad disease – you don't want to get it. 2) Wearing a mask means that an infected person spreads fewer virus particles about. They lower the 'dose' they are leaving behind them in the world. (3) A lower dose for an uninfected person means a less bad run of Covid-19 the disease, maybe even none at all.

This idea of a "lower inoculum' or starting dose, is one I presented on March 15th. Now it is gaining steam and it needs to be much more widely appreciated.

If you've got loved ones you wish to protect from a bad case of Covid-19, then this episode is for you.

Oh, and – wear a mask!

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