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2 Numbers You Must Watch Before Election | Action Required

there are 2 numbers you need to have your eyes on if you want to survive and thrive the market we are in through this election and beyond

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these 2 numbers and how you navigate them will have a huge impact on your financial future

One of these numbers has the potential to dramatically change, depending on who wins in November. So we're going to need to pay very close attention!

so what are these 2 numbers I am talking about? I am talking about Interest Rates and Tax rates

let me dig in and explain: first let's talk about the interest rates.
and before you tune out and think that interest rates don't affect you you don't have any debt or loans, you don't plan on buying a house or cars or taking on any other debt, just realize that while they may not affect you personally, they do affect you indirectly

now, as you already know by now, at least if you have been watching this channel… then you for sure know that us interest rates are at the lowest levels they have ever been in all of history. And while that sounds great if you want to borrow money it's actually bad for investors, and really bad for the boomers that are set to retire and need interest rates up so they can get the income from their investments.

when interest rates are low, it gives us as investors fewer options to generate income from our savings. and… low-interest rates aren't going to change, no matter who wins the white house in the Nov election

Because as we have discussed, Fed chair Jerome Powell already told us the Fed plans to keep interest rates near zero for years into the future. And neither candidate or political party is debating this none of them will challenge this So investors can continue to expect low rates and the economic side effects of them for years to come.

The second number you need to be watching is tax rates now tax rates are a big issue for the November election if Trump and the Republicans win, then you can expect taxes to remain the same.

they were significantly overhauled in 2018 when the Trump administration took over the white house in one of the most significant tax changes in the last 40 years.

The tax strategy lowered tax rates, specifically for businesses and investors in order to help create jobs and lead to better opportunities for everyone this seemed to work as we saw in the economy
and the markets. Early 2020, before the pandemic, hit we saw one of the lowest unemployment rates in history the economy was humming and the markets were near all-time highs

It's important to point out that this period included record low unemployment for minorities and workers with lower levels of education as well, which are groups that have historically been left behind in previous economic expansions.

Democrats, on the other hand, believe that higher tax rates are necessary particularly on higher-income people and businesses They argue that the economic system is currently skewed to help the rich get richer at the expense of those less fortunate.

So by taxing the rich and using the extra revenue to fund programs for families that need more help, we’ll create a more level playing field. Of course, there are many nuances with these issues and plenty of different agendas from both sides of the aisle.

my goal is to help you live a truly Rich Retirement and manage your financial picture so
you can focus on the things that matter most.




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