Anthony Brian Logan

    ? ABL LIVE: BLM Murals Wrecked, Kanye's Rally, St Louis Couple Charged, Chicago Violence, and more!

    Call in! 434-658-1220. On tonight's episode of ABL Live, we're talking about a variety of issues including Black Lives Matter "murals" on the ground being wrecked all over the nation especially in New York City, Kanye West's campaign rally in South Carolina going off the rails and the ensuing onslaught of wild tweets, the couple in St. Louis couple charged with a felony for brandishing firearms after defending their home from "Black Lives Matter" protesters, the Chicago violence which recently manifested itself as 14 people being shot at a funeral, the Chinese Consulate in Houston being forced to close by the US Government in 72 hours after a trove of documents were burned at the consulate, and much more!

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