About the Project

This project, although basic in its current instance, stands as example of what could become. As more feeds are integrated, the audience is provided options to keep in touch with content creators independent of one particular place where their content is hosted. There are many competitors around the web who would like to outright replace the established players by recreating what they have done, however these challengers provide nothing new as a value proposition. This is an attempt to compliment existing infrastructure instead as a method to increase adoption. Here’s what the site does currently:

  • Import YouTube content from hand picked creators via RSS
  • Categorize creators by tags grouping them by profession and interest
  • Mirror hosted content on server, and show which videos get censored from specific creators.

My first intent is to grow a repository of recommended creators. I began by making political humor memes, and during that time found many audience members who are looking for a deeper explanation of the memes. Their medium as communication art opens individuals to wanting more. Video has the highest production cost to create and its usefulness as an educational tool is crucial. Memes act as a hook, and video content is the line that reels them in, so I’m creating a strong repository to aid the enlightenment. In short, this machine is being developed to automate the distribution of ‘red pills’ through popular networks. Here’s a brief list of features and components I’d like to develop with your support:

  • Backup videos onto our database (see it after it’s censored), and include feeds from other content hosts like Bitchute and DTube.
  • Include banned content creators on our directory
  • Include Twitter/Parler Feeds per content creator
  • Integrate content types into a single player (with auto-play).
  • Add users, and allow meme pages to backup their content from Facebook/Instagram
  • Create publishing calendars for meme creators and distributors to influence media narratives and their respective claims.

I cannot change things by myself, and that is why your participation is so important. Please consider contributing via Subscribe Star. Every dollar is dedicated to tool development. Join me on the front lines of the great meme war.

Good fight, good night.

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